Aims & Objectives
To keep pace with the changing scenario of the present Indian society in the field of teacher education specially its needs, demands and qualities of teachers in the rural area, Ved Education, Society established a college of Education. The process of education is undergoing remarkable changes according to the needs of the society. Science and technology effects our education system too much. We use the technology in the process of education to solve not only educational problems but also to create a healthy relationship between rural and urban, teacher education. That will also help to uplift the students of that part of society which is being ignored since a long period and unable to touch the latest technology being introduced in education.

  • To give the best education so that the next generation become good citizens.
  • Uplifting of children belonging to socially disadvantages classes, backward areas and economically weak sections of the society.
  • To develop a wholesome relationship between the school and community through their initiative and commitment.
  • Recognition of education as one of the pious obligations of the human society towards pious obligations of the human society towards the next generation.
  • To prepare the best teachers who have zeal to face the challenges in the field of education particularly in rural areas and must be sincere and honest to their profession.
  • The outgoing pupil teachers must have the knowledge of latest technology in education so that school education become more effective, interesting and result oriented.
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